Thursday, 17 January 2013

Online lead trading: 3 ways by which lead management technology can help you?

In the business of lead generation, the agents have to constantly look out for new potential clients. Internet marketing helps a great deal to get access to information about various potential buyers. One can easily reach out to them over phone, text or email. But in this trade, one has to be prepared for the fact that some of the leads will always turn bad. That is to say, they are not going to materialize into actual sales and are not worth the time & effort. However, this percentage of bad lead varies from organization to organization and depends on its internal management.

 In order to manage the leads in the best possible manner, it is vital to rope in some tech tools. Lead management technology has come of age in the recent months. Even though some of these tools have been in existence for a long time, their potential and power have come to the fore only recently, now that the internet world has taken over amidst serious competition. Those who are in online lead trading can benefit from such software in a number of ways. Here are 3 ways by which you can seek help from such technology:

i.                    Finding out your true clients: In this business, it is of utmost importance to figure out your actual clients. You may have garnered hundreds of leads but are you confident that all of them will get converted? Are you positive that all of them have interest in your products and are going to shell out money to place an order? Unfortunately, many of the leads do not result in any returns. Thus, your ROI shall be very low if most of them turn out to be bad leads. Lead management technology helps you find out the good leads from amongst the heap i.e. it helps you to figure out the names which are worthy of your effort and are most likely to buy your goodies if you take small pains.

ii.                  Finding out their wants: In online lead trading, it is very important that you make a note of the things which are being desired by your potential clients and which you are unable to provide. It helps you become a better seller in the future and also gives you a real picture of your present standing. If you find that most of the customers are not interested in what you have to offer to them, then you get a clear-cut knowledge of their actual requirements. You can thereafter bring about slight change in your policies, rates, services, etc to ensure that you can meet their requirements with full satisfaction.

iii.                Finding out the position of your rivals: Lead management technology also gives you a realistic measure of your rivals’ organization. You get to know about the advantages which they have over you, or about the benefits you enjoy over them. The technology also keeps you on your toes all the time since it familiarizes you with the growing competition and with the number of alternatives at the disposal of your potential clients.

Lead trading software: An answer to the challenges of dealer lead management

So, you have got good contacts and can boast of hundreds of leads. But are you worried that you won’t be able to convert them? Are you anxious that most of them will turn out to be bad leads and won’t bring you any profit? It is quite commonly observed that despite having strong network of leads, most people fail to get them converted. One of the major reasons behind it is the lack of proper or timely communication. If you are unable to attend to their needs in a timely manner, then your competitors will snap them up in no time. Besides, it is also important to monitor them individually since each client has a specific requirement.

This aspect of dealer lead management poses quite a few challenges. If you are a small businessman with a small number of leads, then you may handle it with reasonable success. But the moment you try to extend your market or the moment you plan to venture into the big pond, you will be bombarded with the problem of plenty. When there are plenty of leads before you to pursue, it can be almost impossible to figure out which ones should be given top priority. By the time you come to any conclusive decision, you will have lost a lot of time, effort and even money. So, it is important to invest in some sort of lead trading software

Such tools actually help you wade through the difficult tide easily and without wasting any time. Such software is going to monitor all your needs and also help you arrange things according to your preference. For instance, if you wish to sort out all your leads in the order of their ages, then you can do that with the help of lead trading software. Therefore, if a firm sells products which are youth-oriented, it can arrange its leads in age-related manner. Then, the manager would know which of them need prior & deeper attention and which one can be done away with little effort. 

Besides, you reap several other benefits while carrying out dealer lead management. Your efficiency, on the whole, improves. There is a visible jump in the productivity level. The time taken to perform any activity comes down and the extra costs or overheads can be easily curtailed. One gets greater access to profiles of all the potential clients and can enforce a smoother and stronger connection with them. For instance, if you wish to send an email or a text to all the leads together, then you can easily do so using this technology. On the other hand, if you want to send an email or a text only to a specific category of clients, then this is possible only through the lead trading software. 

Manual method of making such categorizations can eat up a lot of money and time. Everyone from the sales department to the marketing managers can benefit from this software. So, if you are looking to increase your sales and to fetch higher ROI, then such tools can be a great asset. They are perfect answers to the present-day challenges of dealer lead management.

Lead trading platform: Why lead management software can be an exciting asset?

When someone is in the lead generation business, then it is vital to note that his commission or profit will result not out of the actual number of leads generated but out of the actual number of sales affected. That is to say, the vast number of leads will be of little use if the businessmen lose them and fail to get them converted to actual sales. In today’s net age world, survival is becoming difficult. Unless someone can make reasonable profits and sustain it for a long time, it would be hard to keep at pace with the flood of competitors. Therefore, a strong need for some sort of scientific tool has been felt for a long time.

And science has come up with a perfect solution in the form of lead management software. This software can be of great assistance round the clock and help in materialization of greater conversions. It is an automated solution which is a must-buy technology for any businessmen involved in large scale. If your client base is very small, then you can perhaps continue with your manual system of storage of data. But in case, you have a higher clientele base or if you are looking to expand your network, then you need to rely on a stronger & automated lead trading platform tool. 

By using lead management software, you save a lot of time and also a lot of bucks. Every company does its best for cost-cutting these days. Reduction in cost helps to sustain profits and to carve a good income even during times of recession. This software helps greatly in chalking out a profitable path for entrepreneurs to walk on. It facilitates simple and money-saving management of all the leads. It also gives you the opportunity to increase your income by making various allotments of tasks in accordance to their precedence. Quite often in the past, companies have lost out because of inefficient lead management. That means that they ran out of profits despite having very strong leads. This is because they could never interact with their interested clients in a timely manner and lost them to their rivals.

It is vital to note that rivals will always be gnawing at your feet. A slight lapse on your part can be fatal to your organization. A strong lead trading platform tool assists in making the right filters for you, in cutting down your costs and time, and in giving you custom-based settings for reaching out to various types of leads. For instance, if you have got 10,000 leads and you rely on manual system of management, then it can be really time-consuming and expensive to segregate the good leads from the bad leads or to tear apart the hot leads from the cold ones. 

On the other hand, lead management software can perform all these tasks in seconds. Thus, you know from the very beginning about the potentials and the quality of any lead. Priority-based clients can be looked after instantly while the cold leads can be tackled with some other strategy. Numerous other benefits make this lead trading platform weapon an exciting asset for any company.

How ping post technology can help you manage your leads?

Businessmen, dealers and agents who have to handle hundreds of customers daily find it hard to keep track of them unless they deploy some automated form of technology. Managing a lead can be more difficult than getting it, since there are a number of hurdles on the way. It is evident that without some sort of help from technological tools, the person is going to lose many of his leads. Besides, the manual process of management is very time-consuming and quite expensive as well, not to mention many of its other demerits like non-reliability and inaccuracies.

The ping post technology has come as a big relief in this regard. It is one of the modern forms of technologies which have helped business houses to cement a strong relationship with all their potential buyers. One of the great advantages of ping post is that it saves a lot of time. It has been designed to give entrepreneurs a chance to access their clients in nanoseconds and without having to waste any precious moment. Plus, it also allows you to work on various formats and under customized settings. Thus, it brings in a certain amount of speed and efficiency in the work.

Since, this lead generation technology offers custom-based advantages, it gives you a platform to channelize your resources and prioritize your clients in different layers. It also empowers you to quickly establish connection or send out information through easy pings, which are super fast and super economic. Another benefit that you get is that you escape the hassles of manual work. To scalpel out the good leads from bad leads through manual measures is not only painstaking but very time-consuming and costly. Ping post technology automatically validates all the leads and marks out the inaccurate or non-genuine ones. Detection of duplicate or inexistent ones is easy and fast through this system.

This form of lead generation technology is particularly useful to the call centers, which have to place frequent and incessant phone calls. This technology works well in these venues because it gives additional facilities of recording or broadcasting for the entire group to hear at once. 

Again, some people are very pedantic about their corporate affairs and wish to keep a stringent track of all records and accounts. Ping post technology helps in all that without having to incur any additional expense. The invoice departments take regular assistance of this tool to track their shipping, to report billings and to keep things under control. It does help to cut down expense of time and cost and ensures smoothness of performance. 

Furthermore, this form of lead generation technology offers the highest level of security. While the admin gets to control the accounts from any place and at any time, it provides fail-proof security against outsiders and intruders. Not only does the software protects your data fully from probing eyes but gives you quick access for a long time and even after 20 years. All these merits have made it one of the most vital weapons for managing the leads and getting them converted.

How CRM has emerged as the most effective lead management software?

People say that internet has made life easier for the businessmen. Dealers can now quickly contact and access potential clients and thus tap a wider market. However, these benefits come with a catch! Net is inundated with competition and it can get excruciatingly difficult to survive in this competitive flood. Dealers easily get leads through direct means or through social networking, etc. However, the difficulty lies in getting them converted. The modern day buyer is intelligent and weighs all the pros and cons before making an outright purchase. A lot of time has to be invested in winning his confidence. So, it can be really heart-breaking and epic businesses fail if one loses the leads.

Lead management system is, therefore, being given a lot of importance. Businessmen are waking up to the fact that their leads are useless unless and until they can get money out of them. And the only way to do that is to ensure that they go on to buy the products. In case of non-conversion, the dealer not just loses any profit (which he was hoping to make) but also stands to lose a lot because of the expenses and time borne for getting that lead. 

CRM software is, therefore, becoming very popular with such dealers and agents. It is a perfect weapon for helping people in managing their leads in a manner that one saves time, effort and money. Plus, it has been observed that the conversion ratio is highest for those companies which have made investment in this software. And it is easy to see why! The software is a high-tech tool which has been designed specifically for lead management system. It gives its owners a custom-based setting so that they can maintain the data easily and access them very fast. Thus, it is very much possible to scan through some client’s profile in just a few minutes. One major benefit is that companies can keep information of their actual clients and potential buyers for many years and do not lose the priceless data.

CRM stands for customer relationship management. So, it can be said that this software lays a lot of stress on the client-entrepreneur relationship. It makes full use of all the modern day techniques. It has been proven that the common man is increasingly becoming tech-savvy. So, the emphasis is higher on establishing contact through emails and mobile phone than through conventional means like letters or brochures. 

CRM is also a very cost-effective method of managing all your leads together at once. It is one tool which may require a small amount of investment on your part. But the average returns it gives goes on increasing with the increase of your list of clients and potential leads. Hence, the long-run benefits surely outnumber the short-term expenses. Furthermore, this is a faster and much more feasible method of carrying out an effective lead management system. It empowers the top level management to exercise greater control of the subsidiaries and also to bring about stronger communication and interaction between different departments.