Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ping post technology: 15 special advantages of this lead generation technology

Today’s age is ruled by technology and competition. You cannot afford to shun the technical devices and you cannot escape from your cut-throat rivals. Therefore, keeping hold of your leads has become very challenging. Even after you have scooped out some leads, it can be a Herculean task to get them converted and convince them of your superiority over your rivals. A lot of factors go into play when one is set to get them converted. A Company not only needs to serve top-quality products buts customer service must also be very satisfying. Therefore, one can take help from a lead generation technology which will help in management of various leads.

The ping post technology deserves a special mention in this regard. It has succeeded in creating a market for itself and has benefitted a number of entrepreneurs all over the globe. Its chief features and advantages have been explained below for your perusal:

Quick and time-saving delivery: This software allows you to make quick deliveries without losing any precious second. In barely 10 minutes, the system can get integrated. You can manage your leads through XML, POST, SOAP, GET and HTTP. The potential clients can be reached in a shorter time through any mean including e-mail, fax or text. 

Establish your customized ping tree: The software permits you to set up your own customized ping tree. Thus, you can ping your associates and pass information (either fully or partially) about any of your leads or about the latest developments or updates. 

Get valid leads: All the leads are not considered ‘good’. It is very important to separate the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’ so that you can devote your time & resources on the former rather than wasting away on the latter. This lead generation technology helps you by informing you about the non-existence or disconnection of any phone line or by eliminating duplicate contacts & names. 

Reporting: With the help of the software, you also receive timely reports with meticulous details.

Import and Export: The software also permits you to import or export the names, contact numbers and other info of all your leads easily.

Making call instantly: Ping post technology enables making instant call-backs to the interested clients.

Call center facilities: The system works like a call center giving you the facility to record conversations and to broadcast the voice.

Track your accounts: You can also keep a track of your accounts easily with the Ping Post. Details about your payments, purchases and invoicing can be tracked easily.

Email Responder: Ping post technology also enables setup of convenient & automatic Email Responder.

Round Robin: You can manage your leads as per your custom needs and even alter their priorities.

Targeted Email marketing: It is also possible to send emails to a certain selected sector of leads based on gender, age, geography, etc.

Any-place access: This online lead generation technology is accessible from any part of the world thereby according you greater flexibility.

Convenient navigation: It’s also possible to navigate conveniently.

Setting filters: As per your individual requirement, you can make or change the settings of filters.

Management: Overall, you get to manage your leads more easily and in less time and with less cost.

Lead trading software: A growing necessity for dealer lead management

The importance of getting leads is known to all. Every business strives to do that. But many are not aware about the effective methods of managing them and hence, end up losing most of them. If you are not very proactive with dealer lead management, then you won’t succeed in getting any returns. By managing them in a methodical way, a company can store all the information which is deemed necessary. The business can exploit its resources fully only if it has saved all the details which can be required in the future. 

With a modern-day lead trading software, now it is very much possible to save all the info and categorize them according to their relevance or file them as per any custom need. Such a step gives you the scope of filtering and of selecting your desired audience, if the need arises. In this age of technology, companies can no longer rely on manual laborers for all their work. Storing of data and their retrieval processes are being digitized for several reasons including quickness, economy, convenience and confidentiality. If a particular work is to be carried out manually, then the time taken on most occasions would be higher. This can be catastrophic in the 21st century world when your rival is waiting for a wrong move committed by you.

Also, the chances of clerical errors are always there when technological help is not taken. Lead trading software not only eliminates the possibility of such errors but also facilitates quick rectifications, as and when required. Take for instance a scenario where all the data are stored by clerks in record books. Now, what are the demerits plaguing this system? Firstly, it is very easy to lose that data. Secondly, it can be really difficult to retrieve that data after, say, 10 years, since a lot of searching & hunting would have to be done for the specific file. Thirdly, such storage is vulnerable to errors and there is no chance of any automatic rectification. Fourthly, the information is not secure from prying eyes, since one cannot put in any password protection on them.

Therefore, one of the key mantras of today's dealer lead management is to rely fully on software, tools and gadgets. Herein, one can always protect the files from prying eyes and many facilities can be availed including custom filtering, automatic email responding and validation of leads. 

Technology is here to stay and it will evolve with time. If you are a tech-averse person, then you need to change your attitude in order to exist in today’s competitive industry. A business which has got scores and even hundreds of leads cannot rely on manual programs and recordings for managing them effectively. You may not need their contacts presently but, all of a sudden, you may feel the need to contact them after, say, 10 months. Only through lead trading software, you can ensure that you have their contact numbers and other essential information which can assist you in analyzing their credibility. 

Lead management system: How CRM can help you generate higher sales?

You may get some good leads but will they be of any use, if you fail to convert them! It is vital to ensure that you do not lose the race after doing all the hard work. The market today is highly competitive. Your potential clients can be easily stolen by your rivals, if you fail to follow the right steps. One wrong move and your business may get doomed. For the survival of the business, it is crucial to ensure high ROI. That is only possible if you know how to take care of your leads so as to ensure actual conversion. The lead management system, in this respect, can be of great help.

There are some special software programs and tools available in the market. One of them is the CRM which is a great tool to monitor & manage all your leads. Through its assistance, you can keep a track of all the activities and make regular updates. These, eventually, help to affect higher sales. Most businessmen lose their leads since they are unable to manage & update them efficiently. The software is a fail-proof solution for all these people. 

One of the chief strategies for effective lead management system is to put them in different slots. It is very important to separate the chaff from the grain i.e. to extract high-quality leads from the poor-quality ones. By putting them in different slots, you can manage them much more smartly. For instance, those who have shown higher enthusiasm and are more likely to buy your products can be termed as ‘hot’ while the moderately enthusiastic ones can be classified as ‘warm’ and the less enthusiastic leads can be labeled as ‘cold.’ This classification helps you to narrow down your immediate goals and also gives you an idea as to how to approach an individual client. 

For instance, the client marked as ‘hot’ can be approached immediately and advance talks can be made with him. On the other hand, the ‘cold’ ones have to be cajoled and oiled so as to provoke their interest. They may not be too eager to buy your product possibly out of ignorance of your quality or because of a prejudice in favor of your rival company. So, you can make strategies accordingly to take care of them.

CRM also helps you to allocate your time tactically and effectively. If time is short, then it would be much more prudent to invest them in the ‘hot’ and ‘warm’ leads than wasting them over the ‘cold’ ones. The strategy can work wonders for the sales department which can, thereafter, channelize most of its resources towards ensuring conversion of the ‘hot’ leads. 

For a profit-oriented lead management system, you also need to chalk out an essential feedback channel. If the queries or doubts of your leads go unanswered or neglected, then they will be deviated to other rival companies and will lose faith on your company. With the aid of friendly tools like CRM, you can address this situation so that no such undesirable eventuality occurs.

7 ways by which lead management technology can help you in online lead trading

In the field of online lead trading, it is essential to keep track of your potential clients and to communicate on a regular and effective basis. Therefore, it is of utmost significance to have certain tools at your disposal which can help you to increase your returns. The general norm is that higher the lead you have captured higher will be the profits. However, this is very misleading since it is the quality of leads that matter and not the quantity. Until and unless they get converted into actual sales, your profit doesn’t rise. On the contrary, you suffer from expenses incurred on phone calls and on other resources.

A shrewd entrepreneur will make full use of lead management technology. Technology has definitely emerged as the biggest savior for many online merchants in today’s competitive times. The world is embracing it and the corporate houses are no different from the rest. In the wake of globalization and e-marketing, the presence of software & tools has become all the more mandatory. There are some great technical tools like the CRM or the Ping Post software. They are reaching out to businessmen from all countries and have proven themselves extremely beneficial in bridging the gap between the company and the consumer. 

Your relationship with your lead is affected in the way you interact with them or the amount of time you take in communicating back to their queries or grievances. These tools have removed some of these barriers. Here are some ways by which they have benefitted us:

Lead management: Managing your leads is as important as availing them. In fact, some schools even believe that lead management is far more challenging and, hence, a lot more important. In online lead trading, you cannot increase your returns simply by getting a lead or two. The essential thing is to convert them into real clients. The conversion ratio is the chief decider of your success and these gadgets help a great deal in improving this ratio.

Better interactivity: Only with the aid of lead management technology can you establish better interactivity with your customers. For instance, the CRM software is a proven device that strengthens the buyer-seller relationship to a great degree.

Faster reply and feedback: The software also facilitates faster reply from your side and quicker feedback from the client’s side. This eliminates or reduces the possibility of any intervention by a rival.

Very economic: These tools are extremely economic and financially very viable. They ultimately increase your sales figure and thus promise high returns for your investment.

Validates your leads: In online lead trading, it is important to figure out which leads are good and which ones are bad. These tools help you filter out information and they detect various aberrations to give you higher control.

Tracking: With the aid of lead management technology, you can keep track of your clients’ activities, questions, mails, contacts and even of your own accounts & invoices.

Other merits: These technical devices also make it possible for you to target a particular niche audience and to regulate your marketing strategies in a much more effective and people-centric basis.

6 benefits of lead management software for managing your customers

In today’s tough times it is very important not to let go of your leads. Your competitors are sharpening their knives and looking longingly at your throats. It won’t take much time before your potential buyers get lured by your rivals. Managing your lead trading platform is a modern day necessity. It is important to understand that your lead is as good as ‘no lead’ until it has got converted into actual sales. Therefore, even if you have procured one hundred leads but fail to get them converted, your ROI will be zero and the net effect shall be nil.

CRM is a lead management software which can benefit you in various ways and help you secure your leads and even get them converted. Investing in this software would be a very wise decision, as most businessmen are finding out. Amongst its myriad benefits, the chief ones have been explained below:

Smarter and strategic client service: Clients today need pampering. At least, they need you to be on your toes all the time and ready to serve them whenever they request you for any assistance. CRM gives you that scope to develop a healthy customer relationship and be on vigil. It establishes a stronger telephonic network and e-mail channels so that all the grievances of the customers can be addressed immediately.

Information storing: The lead management software can store information for you. This is very crucial since you need to keep all the financial as well as personal info about your leads. That helps you decide their viability. Plus, you are also able to categorize them into various classes such as ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. That apart, it becomes easy to retrieve their contact number and chances of loss of data are bare minimum. It also helps you to understand the psyche of your potential customers.

Time-saving: As explained above, the software gives you enough power to manage all your leads in a faster and better way. Thus, you can save a lot of time which can be used for other fruitful & productive works. It aids you in setting up a successful lead trading platform.

Cost-effective: Every company feels the need of those tools which can help it to curtail its costs. CRM is not just effective in its function but is also very economic in its usage. It doesn’t put a heavy burden on your pockets and definitely escalates your ROI. So, you emerge out profitably at the end. 

Better coordination with the sales department: In order to pass on the vital information to the sales department, the need for effective lead management software was being felt for a long time. CRM has come out as a reliable tool which truly establishes a strong network with the sales department and facilitates inter-departmental coordination.

Faster communication: The potential customers of your company may have various questions and proposals. It is vital to get into a faster mode of communication with them without losing track of individuals. With the help of this lead trading platform, it is now possible to satisfy the requirements of your leads fully and to instill a sense of trust & loyalty in their minds.