Wednesday, 19 March 2014

3 Ways to Keep a Lead Management System Clean

Well, after installing a ping post technology you may be going to make a follow up call and find out a member that had already contacted the customer. Well, it is little more embarrassing but where does the confusion lie? After your cross check the value you will clearly notice that there was no record of a call made to the desired contacts but there was a duplicate contact, which assigns to another sales representative.

With the use of incomplete lead management system and its data, it is going to hamper the sales and the market performance. Many contacts might change their contact numbers, email address or even their company as simple as that. This problem might lead to accumulation of incomplete data or redundant in the system. So how are you going to keep your lead management platform clean?

Here are three general tips, which will advise you to keep the lead management system clean and save time ahead.

•           Maintaining the complete data

You have to ask yourself one question. How do you feel about the records stored in your system? Are they complete or not? The lead management platform needs to fill up the various places where you have many fields that are mandatory to fill out. It is time consuming and as a sales representative, you need to take care of the data and should not neglect it. The best way to deal with this data is to set important field that will be mandatory such as – client name, email address, phone numbers and the residential address. Therefore, you have to determine the fields that are important to complete the information and encourage users to fill up those important details.

•           Avoid the storage of dup0licate leads and contacts

Since the email address is set as a unique identity for each, there is one simple trick to prevent the duplicate records, only comparing the email address of the contacts. While adding the contacts in the ping post technology, you will get an option to check out whether the newly added records already exist in the system or not. Now this is going to save the time and the effort and avoid unnecessary duplicates.

•           Merge the existing duplicate records

Preventing the duplication of the data collected works great if you enter the data manually use web forms or import them from other devices. However, how will you eliminate the data and stop the duplication that already exists inside. The duplicate records are not identical always. Two contacts might have the same surname, email address or company name, but the phone number will not match up with one another. This is sometimes frustrating and in that case, blindly deleting one record and potentially losing the important data will help you to merge the data from one contact to another.

Therefore, it is important to clean the data from your lead generation system to maintain it avidly. Maintaining data quality is necessary, and it is not a onetime event. You have to start taking care from the beginning of the installation of the device.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

What Would Make Lead Management Software Necessary to Install

Here, you are going to get the blueprint of the lead trading system and how does it work. This is the perfect guide for marketers and experts to learn the tactics about lead management and the benefits one can earn from the ping post technology. You have to make out what is necessary.

One has to make out the necessary steps to select the right software package that will be able to meet the company needs any time.

What make it necessary to install the best lead trading platform?

Do you know 50% of the leads are not sales ready, even after the first conversion takes place in the website? We know it takes time to make fair purchase decisions. In fact, research also proves that even when it comes to qualified leads, more than 50 of the leads are not ready for sales or can convert. You have to put a lot of hard work in converting the sales leads to business. Moreover, how you manage the leads after conversion also determines the spent with it.

With the use of the best lead management software one can arm their sales team with more efficiency and effectiveness.

Do you know there is a saying - time is money? You need to value your time when you are in the lead generation business. You need to walk into the active sales room and thus have it easy to tell how much time the intensive sales require. In order to make out the most from the hours, it is important to make sure that the sales team is only talking to the qualified sales lead. With the use of the lead trading system, you can filter the unqualified leads and better understand the buying cycle of the good leads.

Do you know it helps to turn your marketing smarter and cost-efficient, with the use of ping post technology?

The inbound marketers help to put out a lot of content on a daily basis. Nevertheless, how you are going to understand, which the content helped to move the channels of the sales team that nurtures lead. Lead trading system helps to enable the content activation and identifies the channels, which shares the best content. This brings in qualified leads allowing you to focus on the marketing activities. This helps to share the content in time and generate real time leads.

Get access to better experience for quality experts and professional leads

With the use of the best lead trading platform, content thus delivered to the leads comes with the right target and tailors according to their interest. Moreover, the lead management system carries the documents and the details, along with the full history of interactions with your company. These helps to nurture the leads with full attention even keep it updated, even after you sell out the leads to the lead buyers. Quality leads do not have much time educating the sales tea, about particular interests. Sales and marketing are the two sides of the same coin, so the results generated are much less fragmented experience for the leads.