Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ping post technology: 15 special advantages of this lead generation technology

Today’s age is ruled by technology and competition. You cannot afford to shun the technical devices and you cannot escape from your cut-throat rivals. Therefore, keeping hold of your leads has become very challenging. Even after you have scooped out some leads, it can be a Herculean task to get them converted and convince them of your superiority over your rivals. A lot of factors go into play when one is set to get them converted. A Company not only needs to serve top-quality products buts customer service must also be very satisfying. Therefore, one can take help from a lead generation technology which will help in management of various leads.

The ping post technology deserves a special mention in this regard. It has succeeded in creating a market for itself and has benefitted a number of entrepreneurs all over the globe. Its chief features and advantages have been explained below for your perusal:

Quick and time-saving delivery: This software allows you to make quick deliveries without losing any precious second. In barely 10 minutes, the system can get integrated. You can manage your leads through XML, POST, SOAP, GET and HTTP. The potential clients can be reached in a shorter time through any mean including e-mail, fax or text. 

Establish your customized ping tree: The software permits you to set up your own customized ping tree. Thus, you can ping your associates and pass information (either fully or partially) about any of your leads or about the latest developments or updates. 

Get valid leads: All the leads are not considered ‘good’. It is very important to separate the ‘good’ from the ‘bad’ so that you can devote your time & resources on the former rather than wasting away on the latter. This lead generation technology helps you by informing you about the non-existence or disconnection of any phone line or by eliminating duplicate contacts & names. 

Reporting: With the help of the software, you also receive timely reports with meticulous details.

Import and Export: The software also permits you to import or export the names, contact numbers and other info of all your leads easily.

Making call instantly: Ping post technology enables making instant call-backs to the interested clients.

Call center facilities: The system works like a call center giving you the facility to record conversations and to broadcast the voice.

Track your accounts: You can also keep a track of your accounts easily with the Ping Post. Details about your payments, purchases and invoicing can be tracked easily.

Email Responder: Ping post technology also enables setup of convenient & automatic Email Responder.

Round Robin: You can manage your leads as per your custom needs and even alter their priorities.

Targeted Email marketing: It is also possible to send emails to a certain selected sector of leads based on gender, age, geography, etc.

Any-place access: This online lead generation technology is accessible from any part of the world thereby according you greater flexibility.

Convenient navigation: It’s also possible to navigate conveniently.

Setting filters: As per your individual requirement, you can make or change the settings of filters.

Management: Overall, you get to manage your leads more easily and in less time and with less cost.

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